Jiannan Li

I am a 4th year PhD student at the Dynamic Graphics Proejct in the University of Toronto, working with Prof Ravin Balakrishnan and Prof Tovi Grossman. My research interest is in Human-Computer Interaction, more specifically, making video communication more productive and more enjoyable.

I obtained a M.Sc in computer science from University of Calgary, under the supervision of Dr. Ehud Sharlin and Dr. Saul Greenberg. Prior to that, I studied Electronic Engineering at Southeast University, Nanjing, China.

Send me an email at firstnamelastname@dgp.toronto.edu

Mobility in Remote Presence

Li, J., Balakrishnan, R., Grossman, T. (2020). StarHopper: A Touch Interface for Remote Object-Centric Drone Navigation. In Proceedings of Graphical Interface 2020 (GI ’20), to appear.

Paper and video available soon

PageFlip: Novel Interaction on Smartwatches

PageFlip is a novel interaction method that combines into a single action multiple touch operations such as command invocation and value selection for efficient interaction on smartwatches.

Han, T., Li, J., Hasan, K., Nakamura, K., Gomez, R., Balakrishnan, R., Irani, P. (2018). PageFlip: Leveraging Page-Flipping Gestures for Efficient Command and Value Selection on Smartwatches. In Proceedings of 2018 SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’18), to appear. pdf video

Interactive Two-Sided Transparent Displays for Collaboration

Interactive Two-Sided Transparent Displays for supporting face-to-face collaboration. The display can present independent content on both sides and augments user actions.

In addition to suite of interaction techniques, we studied the impact of transparency degradation on users' workspace awareness and the efficacy of action augmentation.

Li., J., Greenberg, S., Sharlin, E. (2017). Two-Sided Collaborative Transparent Display Supporting Workspace Awareness. In International Journal of Human Computer Studies (Int J HCS), 101:23-44. Elsevier, May. pdf

Li., J., Greenberg, S., Sharlin, E., and Jorge, J. (2014). Interactive Two-Sided Transparent Displays: Designing for Collaboration . In Proceedings of 2014 ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS ’14), 395-404 pdf video

iWindow: Augmented Reality for Vehicle Passengers

iWindow is a transparent display that augments the side window of a vehicle to provide location-based augmented reality information to passengers.

Li, J., Sharlin, E., Greenberg, S., and Rounding, M. (2013). Designing the Car iWindow: Exploring Interaction through Vehicle Side Windows. In Extended Abstracts of 2013 SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (EA CHI ’13), 1665-1670. pdf video